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Hydrogen Trout Spey Review

Hydrogen Trout Spey 3113-4

The Hydrogen Trout Spey rod is designed for the trout angler and is described as a medium-fast action rod. With a skeletonised reel seat and single foot guides it is very light in the hand. This rod comes in three sizes, 2110-4, 3113-4 and the 4116-4. Any of these sizes would suit the Australian trout angler but I chose the 3113-4.

Hydrogen Trout Spey 3113-4

I have been waiting to try this rod for awhile. I really wanted the 3113-4 as I believe it is a great choice of rod for Australian anglers thinking about getting into two handed rods.

We have a guide with two handed rods to help convert the size back to a more familiar single hand rod size. If you add three sizes to the two-handed rod, you get a comparable single hand rod size. The basic guide is that a two handed 3 equals a single hand 6. The 9 foot single hand 6 weight is a common rod size in Australia. If you own a 6-weight single hand rod you can use your 6 weight lines on your new 3 weight trout spey. Possibly no need to purchase any new lines. Just remember lines are not all equal and line profiles vary. The new 3 weight trout spey will also handle those fish you target with your 6 weight single hand rod.

I do not recommend things I don’t personally use or haven't tried. I have spent a little time with this new rod testing the theory of using 6 weight single hand lines on it. I use a Sage One, 6 weight for my single hand teaching and demonstrating, on which I run a 6 weight Ballistic Pro Performance line. The first line I tested on the Hydrogen was this line. I did not like the results of this first test. The line was too light, and I could not maintain tension through my D loops with out load through the rod.

The next line I tested was the 6 weight Rio Single Hand Spey line. This line performed great. I had load through the rod giving me good tension. This lines extra mass and change in profile gave me the control required to draw my D loops. This line would be fine for any spey casting or overhead casting you're looking to do with this rod. With this line selection you could run it through your 6 weight single hand rod or your 3 weight trout spey rod. This line is an integrated head which is the same as our standard WF or DT lines we are used to. Integrated lines are a good way to simplify the shooting head system we use more in the spey world.

To improve this rod even further I would recommend the Rio Trout Spey lines. You can get these lines in an integrated line or a shooting head system. I ran the 3 weight (22ft 265gr scandi) line through it. These lines are a real standout in the trout spey world. With this outfit you could easily run any 7-10 foot versileaders giving you a varied depth cover. If you're looking to fish Skagit and sink tips there is also a Skagit trout spey in the 3 weight line up.

The 265gr line may be a little heavy on this rod tip. If you are familiar with something we call 'overhang' you can change the direct effect the head mass has on the rod tip. Overhang is the distance the back of the head is hanging outside the rod tip. If you place the head further out the rod tip its effect will be less. I would suggest you play with overhang and see the effects on the rod tip for yourself.

My conclusion from this rod trial is that you will not be disappointed. It is priced well and for somebody wanting to get into two handed trout spey this is a great choice of rod. It looks good, feels good, is very well finished and comes with a lifetime warranty. Two handed rods are great fun to cast and that alone should be reason enough to get yourself one. If you need more reasons to justify a new purchase think about your age. As we get older things get harder, fly fishing is no exception to this, a two handed rod used for spey casting is a way to prolong your fishing life.

This rod, along with many others, is available to try. Contact me to book a time. I have many lines and tips to play with as well.

Come and join in on the fun of the two handed spey world.

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