If you truly want to improve your fishing then become a better caster. If you want to improve your casting find the best casting instructor you can and book some lessons. To get through life successfully we must plan and prepare, fly fishing is no different so next time you're scrolling through the world wide web for your next destination to chase some exotic swimming beast spend some time focusing on how you are going to get the fly to the fish so it can at least have a chance to eat it. Then you can start to plan your attack and that's where we come in. We can introduce you to a thing called practice, plan out some drills for you so when it comes time to make that first cast of your trip you have your A game set. 

When that fish of a lifetime presents its self you want to be prepared.

Leigh Dowell
Level 1 examiner

Leigh is a highly certified and passionate casting instructor, he has traveled internationally to teach, instruct and examine fly casters. He is certified with Fly Fishers International and is also a Level 1 examiner. He is the third person in Australia to have both MCI and THCI certifications.

The question why is a driving force to find many answers Leigh is always asking why and always looking for the missing pieces to solve those casting issue.